Event Design & Production

EVENTIA MANAGEMENT LTD are a leader in the events management industry. We take an innovative approach to all our event production, creating bespoke experiences for our clients and their event guests. Our event design services don’t just meet the industry standard – they exceed it.

Our event design takes the visual details of your event and transforms them into a cohesive style. Successful event production and design must take layout, furnishings, lighting, colour, and patterns into account. From the décor to the table settings, we make sure every element contributes to your vision for the event.

Event Design Planning Phase

The event planning phase is the most crucial to pulling off a successful event design. We start by consulting with you on your event needs. A conference, expo, and awards gala will all have very different event production requirements. Once we know the purpose of your event and have a sense of your branding, we can scope out the venue. It’s not always possible to visualise lighting, layout, and décor at an event space before it takes place, so we create mockups and templates to give you an idea.

Sensational services

Arresting visuals and state-of-the-art sound are among top must-haves for every event. Our audio-visual services form the backbone of our event production offering. With our large stock of in-house equipment, we can offer you greater flexibility for your event and remain budget friendly.

Spectacular delivery

Of course, it’s not just about having the right elements and equipment. We combine our access to the best audio-visual equipment with our experience and expertise to create unique encounters and unforgettable moments. Bathe your room in light that reflects your brand, with a vivid colour-washing display, or bring a key object, or entire room, to life with the latest projection mapping technology.

Great events – pure and simple

If you need help to ensure you produce an event that is second to none, we can give you all the support you need. What’s more, we’ll share our expertise in plain English, so you’re with us every step of the way – never lost in a wave of ‘techno babble’.

Start your event sensation

We love a challenge – whatever you want from your event, you can trust EVENTIA MANAGEMENT LTD to deliver, above and beyond your expectations.