The opportunity to experience a trip of a lifetime encourages greater productivity, promotes dedication, breaks down barriers and ultimately improves productivity and increases sales. It is the ultimate thank you.

Incentive travel programmes are proven to boost productivity and offer excellent ROI. The best incentives are the kind that money can’t buy – an experience to be remembered forever, where bonds are forged and team relationships are cemented. These trips also provide opportunities to interlink with existing, or new, CSR policies; integrating with local communities rather than simply passing through them.

Incentives to:


Our solutions are tailored and unique to your business needs with trips and experiences built around the nuances of your team. we have the know how to source unique destinations and experiences that your winners couldn’t achieve on a personal holiday. Communication is key, we consult with you every step of the way, working with you to develop teaser campaigns that will keep your team’s motivation sky-high.

How we work with you

Each trip we create is bespoke and unique, and we can keep your goals and objectives in mind all the way. We start with a brief from you to ensure we understand what you want from your reward and exactly why you want to incentivise your team. And don’t worry – if you’re unsure of how to approach the briefing process, we can talk you through every step.

Once we know what you need, we’ll combine our creativity and expert travel and location knowledge with your requirements and ideas to come up with your perfect reward package.

We’re passionate about communication and keep you fully informed and consulted every step of the way. We can offer exciting employee communications to keep excitement (and motivation) piqued, such as emails or even direct mailings of exciting teaser items and clues.

And when the big day comes, you can relax, sip that glass of champagne, and know that everything is taken care of – the EVENTIA MANAGEMENT LTD team has your back.

The little things make a big difference!

Work with EVENTIA MANAGEMENT LTD for pioneering incentive travel.